Harassment & Attempts At My Life

This is a blog. It should be public. Currently, my projects are not complete, two books are under the anvil, but not completed. This blog is just a journal, that help me record my thoughts, which can be later used to incorporate into the manuscript. They are meant for me, and therefore, I may be excused for the informality, and scattered nature of these thoughts. They make absolute sense to me, even though they may not make sense to others. I intend to edit these writings out when the book goes to one of the many agents who have expressed interest in my books.

I am currently in India, undergoing surgery that was overdue. I could not afford it earlier for twenty years, and now, I could not delay it any longer. The perpetrators of by memoirs – The California Files & The New Zealand Files -robbed me of every penny and left me destitute.

Most of my cases against the thirty Judges and Attorneys were dismissed by Fifth & Sixth Appellate District, to protect the corrupt Judges and attorneys, and conceal the casefixing racket. Only two or three remain in Superior Court and under appeal. And what would be the best time to dismiss them? When I am under anaesthesia, being operated upon.

And so, Fifth Appellate District insisted that I submit my appellate brief within 60 days. 40 days out of these 60 days were when I while I was hospitalised. Ten days out of 60 were to be spent in having couriered the designated documents to me. Everyone knew that international shipments take in excess of 10 days, and so they were sure that the records would not reach me in time, and then I would be hospitalised and so would not be able to file my Brief. It was a way of blaming me for the dismissal of the appeal. It would become all my fault – my failure to respond.

I would not make these allegations if these tricks and schemes had not be adopted in the past. In 2015, when I was emigrating to New Zealand, Judge Kapetan of fresno court intentionally scheduled hearings on the date I was airborne. I travelled to New Zealand on July 1, 2015. I informed the Court of this date at least six months in advance. The Court waited to schedule these hearings on the very date I was travelling. I was not on ground. I was in air on July 2, (July 2 in US in July 1 in Southern hemisphere of NZ). This was not the only complaint dismissed during my noticed unavailability.

The cases are about $10m in fraud in US and over $1m fraud in New Zealand. Most of this money – millions – was paid to the attorneys, witnesses and the Judges as bribe. There is enough circumstantial evidence to establish that, and there would be enough concrete evidence to establish this – had the matters allowed to go to trial. So, for twenty years, a string of judges, and justices of the appellate court, and supreme court have spent taxpayer money – tens of millions of it – trying to cover up the casefixing racket. All this money has been spent in covering up the corruption. Not only do I have enough evidence to incriminate these thirty five plus judges and attorneys, I have names of hundreds of victims who were similarly defrauded by Davila and his gang and by the perpetrators in New Zealand. So if any of this goes to trial, someone or the other would squeal. Someone would become a state witness. And so, these two gangs are now hell bent in suppressing this evidence. If any of these cases goes to trial, each of these gang members would be exposed. So, now the entire Judicial machinery is struggling to protect the corrupt judges and attorneys.

In New Zealand, I have a number of names that I provide evidence against. In US, there are over thirty five plus Judges and attorneys. The beauty of being an educated person is that one can seek justice – either thru the courts, and if the courts are corrupt, then the fraud can be exposed before the public thru memoirs.

I have been in India for five months. Two attempts were made on my life. People I did not know – total strangers – tried to kill me. A few months ago, the gang had tried to get me embroiled in a false money laundering case in New Zealand. They had hooked up with Department of Insolvancy, whose officials are antigonists in my memoir the New Zealand Files. I had to write to the Prime Minister’s office to have the false allegations against me squashed. Of course the Californian Judiciary looked the other way even when I provided evidence of blackmailing emails written to me.

Everyone knows that when my memoirs The California Files and The New Zealand Files are released, they will have plethora of evidence to expose the casefixing racket not just before US and NZ ublic, but before the entire world. And so, the best way – according to these dangerous people employed in Government departments – is to ensure that I die before my books are published.

I was forced to make a will that says if something happens to me, the manuscript, almost complete, would be passed on to a set of authors who can publish it as a biography.

The only way that I would agree not to publish the books is if each of the thirty plus Judges and Justices, the attorneys, public sector employees hand over their resignation. Otherwise, I will leave it to public to have them disbarred, and disrobed, fired, even convicted.

So if something happens to me before my books hit the stands, know that it is not a natural death, that my murder involves Davila and his gang, acting in collusion with involvement of others in New Zealand.

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